Mass Effect

Log Entry-Introduction
You find yourselves...

A group of people, numbering between 3 and 5, find themselves hired on to a mercenary job with infamous bounty hunter, Zaeed Massani. Rumors of the death of Commander [REDACTED] Shepard began to surface a few weeks ago, but Saren and his Geth were already defeated, so who really gives a shit. It probably won’t come up during the travels of this group.

The group doesn’t know what the job is yet. They don’t even know where they are. Hell, they have no clue as to what their identities are either. Well, one of them thinks it is a Quarian. Their classes are similarly unknown, though another member is fairly certain that they are what is described as a “Vanguard”.

So they don’t plan on starting until they have all of that shit figured out, because knowing who and what you are is pretty important. Knowing how to fight is useful as well. They should probably consult their Galactic Codex (sometimes known as a Rulebook)

Anyway, once they get that done, they will fight aliens and have adventures in space. A wild Plotline might show up occasionally, but they probably won’t give a damn, and the narrator will just be talking for his own amusement. If this happens too often, some rocks might fall, and everyone might die. In space.


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