Zaeed Massani

2nd most badass motherfucker in space, right after Sir Isaac Newton.


Zaeed Massani is a feared and respected bounty hunter and mercenary soldier.


Zaeed Massani is notorious as the galaxy’s most feared bounty hunter and mercenary soldier. After Zaeed is hired by Cerberus, Shepard is instructed to go to Omega to pick him up. Heavily scarred and well-equipped, he joins the mission exclusively for the money being paid to him by Cerberus. During his loyalty mission, he reveals that he co-founded the Blue Suns with his partner Vido Santiago, who eventually betrayed him and shot him in the face.

But we are encountering Zaeed some time before his encounter with Shepard.

  • Zaeed’s neck shows a tattoo of the Blue Suns’ insignia, a souvenir of his time as the leader of the Blue Suns.
  • The name “Zaeed” is an Anglicization of an Arabic name (زيد), and means “one who progresses and makes other people progress”.
  • Zaeed’s mismatched right eye and surrounding facial area appears to have been surgically grafted onto his face; it is likely the point-blank gunshot wound he sustained blew off this part of his face and had to be reconstructed.

Zaeed Massani

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